System Status: 2015-07-02

VPN Hardware Upgrade

Thu 7/2/2015 Unplanned Outage
[07/02/2015 11:56:07 AM]: VPN upgrade is complete and both Cisco AnyConnect Client and WebVPN pieces are operational.

[07/02/2015 9:20:59 AM]: The Cisco AnyConnect Client is now operational and can connect to the VPN. ITS is still working with the vendor on the web portion of the VPN, for services such as Citrix, or

[07/02/2015 7:42:33 AM]: Along with VPN being unavailable while ITS works to resolve the issue, Citrix via will be unavailable, as it relies on the VPN appliance.

[07/02/2015 7:34:17 AM]: There was an unexpected issue with the VPN upgrade, and right now it is unavailable. ITS is working with the vendor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

[06/30/2015 6:55:22 PM]: The firmware on the VPN appliance will be upgraded from Version 9.1.5 to 9.4.1. No outage is expected.

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