Remote Learning

Image portraying five diverse students engaging with one another during remote learrning. In response to COVID-19, many UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff have been asked to learn and work remotely. At Niner Nation, we are all together in this.

The following information is designed to connect you with student IT resources. Whether you need to find internet access; or tools for your smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or computer; or software downloads; or how to get help, we are here to help you.

internet access

Connecting to the internet is essential for remote learning. You can access the internet through Wi-Fi or by using your cellular network. The resources below will help keep you connected. Please note the University does not endorse or promote any specific vendor.


Resources for Desktop and Laptop Computers

Resources for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

REmote learning tips

Getting Help

Learning remotely does not mean you are alone. At NinerNation, we are a family, and we are all here to help you succeed. Find technical, academic, and support using the links below.