Niner Ready Laptop FAQs

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Do I have to buy a new computer?

No, if you already have a laptop, you don’t need to purchase a new one. 


Do I have to buy my laptop through the NinerTech Store? 

No. The NinerTech Store offers great educational discounts and on-site support, but you are free to use the retailer of your choice if you need to purchase a laptop. We recommend these hardware specs to ensure your laptop can meet your needs for your next four+ years. 


Can I use an older laptop I already own?

Maybe, especially in your first couple of years. But as you advance in your academic career, you may find that you need a laptop with more computing power and processing speed. Use these hardware specs as a guide to help ensure your device will last you through graduation. 


Can I use a Chromebook?

Chromebook’s capabilities do not meet the Niner Ready Laptop Initiative. A Chromebook is browser-based and will not allow you to download specialized software you may need to complete your coursework. 


Will I need to bring my laptop to class?

Your instructors will let you know if you are expected to bring a laptop to class.


Why a laptop and not a desktop? 

A desktop is fine, but most students prefer the portability of a laptop. A laptop also comes with a built-in camera and microphone, both of which may be required for some courses.


Financial AID

Can I apply for additional financial aid to cover the cost of the laptop?

  • If you have already accepted your full financial aid offer and you need additional aid to cover the laptop purchase, you may apply for either an Alternative Loan or a PLUS Loan. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Niner Central.

  • If you have already accepted a lower amount of your loan (less than the total amount offered) but want to increase your loan amount to cover your laptop purchase (up to the maximum amount offered), you may request the increase on the Loan Change Form.

Can I finance my laptop?

Not through the NinerTech Store, but other retailers may offer financing options. Financing typically involves pre-approval and may include an interest-free period. Information about Dell financing is available through the Dell Store online. Apple financing is available through Apple Card. 


What if I need to borrow a laptop?

The Library offers short-term loaner laptops. For more information, visit



Do I have to buy a warranty? 

No, but the warranty will help you in the case that you have an accident with your laptop. Do you have a warranty on your phone? It’s the same reasoning—your laptop is an essential tool (like a book), and you don’t want to worry about it breaking or getting it replaced because you dropped it or spilled coffee on it.


What happens when my laptop needs a repair?

With or without a NinerTech Store warranty, you can take your laptop into the NinerTech Store in the Popp Martin Student Union for repair. If you don’t have a warranty with the NinerTech Store, you will be charged $30 for technicians to assess your machine. Although repair time depends on specific needs and store volume, 95% of repairs are facilitated in-house, which helps ensure quick turn-around times.


If I purchase a warranty through the NinerTech Store, can I get service anywhere?



Does a warranty purchased through the NinerTech Store cover data recovery or backup?

No, warranties purchased through the NinerTech Store are not responsible for data backup or recovery. However, with a warranty from a Niner Ready Bundle combined with a backup hard drive provides an easy way to have peace of mind, as your data would be duplicated.



Where do I get the software I need?

As soon as you activate your NinerNET account, you can download Microsoft Office. Once your classes start, you can download antivirus software, endnotes, and more—all at See a full list of free software.