Updates to Google Contacts, NinerNET, Sponsored Guest Accounts, Duo

January 15, 2019

Google Contacts

This week, Google is updating Contacts with a newer, more colorful look. You can switch back and use the classic view until February 12th; after that date, the new view will be permanent. More details about the new Contacts view are found in Google's Learning Center. See this FAQ to switch to classic view.

NinerNET Updates

The NinerNET site landing page will be upgraded on Jan 17th at 10 p.m. NinerNET Password & Account Management will now include:

  1. A Get Duo Code link (see below)
  2. The ability for guest account sponsors to update/renew guest account end dates. See this FAQ for more details


On Jan 17th at 10 p.m. a Get Duo Code option will be available on ninernet.uncc.edu. If you forget your device and need to authenticate through Duo, click on the Get Duo Code link to get a temporary, multi-use code that lasts for one hour. You will need your UNC Charlotte ID card to use this. Here’s an FAQ with more details.


The Duo servers will be undergoing maintenance on Sunday Jan 20th from 6-7 am in preparation for the mandatory requirement for employees. VPN service will also be unavailable at that time.