Chancellor's Update: IT Assessment

December 4, 2018

Chancellor Dubois emailed a BerryDunn IT Assessment update to IT staff, their supervisors, Deans and Cabinet members on Nov. 29, 2018. As follow-up from the preliminary report presented this summer, a survey is being emailed to all IT staff on Monday, Dec. 3 to gather information on their specific roles and responsibilities. BerryDunn will personally interview each IT staff employee at the beginning of Spring semester, 2019  to ask follow-up questions and to better understand each person's survey responses.

Once the interviews are completed, BerryDunn will then provide a revised preliminary report, later in the semester, for faculty and staff to review and provide one final round of feedback. After that, BerryDunn will present their final recommendations for the university's overall IT reorganization in late Spring/early Summer, 2019 to Chancellor Dubois.

As a reminder, you can see the assessment's timeline and several other resources on the University IT Assessment webpage.