Survey Sent to All Distributed IT Staff

December 3, 2018

On Monday 12/3/18, a survey was sent out by BerryDunn to all distributed IT staff. Each distributed IT staff member was asked to complete the survey so that BerryDunn can better understand staff time allocation, interests, and skills. The surveys are due by December 14th; survey responses will only be viewed by BerryDunn consultants.

Upon completion of the survey, BerryDunn will meet with each distributed IT staff member beginning the week of January 7th and concluding in early February. The purpose of these meetings is to understand specifics about current roles and responsibilities and to gain perspective about opportunities to improve service delivery. Survey responses will be used to help guide the discussion.

Once the response to the survey is submitted, staff will be redirected to schedule a meeting using Google calendar appointment slots. Contact Tucker Cutter, Senior Consultant, BerryDunn with questions,