Chancellor's November 2018 Message to All IT Staff

November 29, 2018

 This message is being sent to IT staff, their supervisors, Deans and Cabinet members.

UNC Charlotte Office of the Chancellor
Dear Colleagues,    
In August, I shared an update on the University-wide IT Organizational Assessment. That communication described factors driving the review, our anticipated timeline, and preliminary findings.
Since then, BerryDunn has begun the next phase of work in supporting our goal to design the most effective and efficient IT organization for UNC Charlotte. This phase builds upon key conceptual recommendations identified in Phase I, including:   
  • A single point of accountability for IT
  • IT leadership for all IT staff
  • Business relationship leaders to help us best achieve the needs of each Division.
Over the next six months, BerryDunn will be helping us design the organizational structure to meet the IT needs of our University now and into the future.
A critical part of their effort will entail engaging with IT staff and University leaders to build upon the information and perspective you shared during the first phase of their work. Specific actions that will require your participation include:
  • Distributed IT staff will be asked to complete a survey. This will be emailed on December 3rd and must be completed by December 14th.
  • BerryDunn will then meet with each distributed IT staff member beginning the week of January 10th and concluding in early February. The purpose of these meetings is to understand specifics about your current roles and responsibilities and gain your perspective about opportunities to improve service delivery.
  • BerryDunn will also meet again with deans, department heads, and other stakeholders in each division to gain a full and up to date understanding of needs and objectives.    
Your active participation in the process is critical to our success, and I appreciate your continued involvement and support.  
As I conveyed in my prior communication, I know that any activity like this sparks rumors and concerns that there is an "alternative agenda" at work. Let me again reassure everyone that the organizational changes ultimately implemented will not result in layoffs or other reductions in our IT workforce. Our focus is simply to determine how best to deploy our IT workforce and deliver critical support services.
Philip L. Dubois