49er Mart Has New Dell Computer Models Available

July 19, 2018

49er Mart now includes the latest UNC System CPI approved Dell models:

  • Laptops (1 new item): A new 13" screen Dell 7390 is available, along with the 14' screen Dell 7490. The 12" screen Dell 7280 is no longer available.

  • Tablets (2 new items): The first option is a hybrid laptop, model 7390 2 in 1, that has a 13' screen which folds back on top of the keyboard (keyboard is non-detachable). The second is model 5290 2 in 1, with a 12" screen and a detachable keyboard.

  • Licenses (2): Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project licenses are available for purchase. They can be found in the Accessories section below the monitors.

For any questions, contact Mike Carr, mjcarr@uncc.edu.