BerryDunn On-Site Visit Summary: w/o January 29, 2018

February 6, 2018

BerryDunn was on campus the week of January 29 to conduct the first round of focus groups and interviews. They met with IT staff and stakeholders from each college and 27 departments representing all divisions across the University. They also facilitated open forum focus group sessions for students, faculty, and staff.

Discussions included: each area’s unique IT needs, how those needs are being met and opportunities to strengthen services and address future needs. BerryDunn also listened to what services and strengths are valued by people’s IT providers and views on ways campus IT services and capabilities could be improved.

Approximately 2,000 responses to surveys emailed last month have been received so far with the due date extended to Friday, February 16. Please submit a response using the appropriate link, if you haven’t already: Students, Faculty & Staff or IT Staff.

BerryDunn will return to campus the week of February 12 to conduct additional meetings; they appreciate everyone's constructive conversations, time and collaboration and look forward to meeting with others throughout this process!