Upgrades for Windows and Mac Computers in July

June 20, 2017

This message DOES NOT apply if your computer falls in any of these scenarios:

  • All Windows 7 computers
  • Windows or Mac computers in COEngineering or HRL

  • Macs in COAA, CCI, SUAR

Otherwise, please read the message below:

Upgrades to the latest Windows and Mac operating systems (Windows 10 OS Version 1607 and macOS Sierra) are available to university computers. Staying current and using the latest operating system typically improves performance and security.  

You Have Two Options

These are fairly large upgrades and the process may take up to one hour with several reboots. Because of this, you have a choice. You can either:


  1. Perform the upgrade yourself, so you can choose a date/time that’s convenient to you (e.g. going to lunch, leaving work for the day). It will need to be done prior to the date your area is scheduled to be upgraded, shown in option #2.

     Here are instructions for Windows 10 OS Version 1607

     Here are instructions for macOS Sierra.


  1. Wait for your area’s upgrade to begin running on these scheduled dates/times:

    All Colleges (minus exceptions listed in bold above) - Friday, July 7 at 5 pm

    Academic Affairs Administrative areas - Saturday, July 15 at 1 am

    Business Affairs - Friday, July 21 at 5 pm

    All other departments - Friday, July 28 at 5 pm

Other FAQs

Why are we upgrading?

   Why do I need to upgrade my university Windows 10 computer to version 1607?

   Why do I need to upgrade my university Mac to Sierra?

What are the interface changes?

   What’s New in Windows 10 Version 1607?

   What’s new in Mac Sierra?

If there is a reason your computer cannot be upgraded, please contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 7-5500 or help.uncc.edu.