S & J Drive Files Move for All Faculty & Staff on March 27

March 16, 2017

A few weeks ago, everyone’s S & J drive file paths were redirected to new file paths. This was done as prep work to move the files to new hardware (similar to what happened with H drive files in December). This said, the S & J drive files will now move to new hardware on Monday evening, March 27, starting at 10 pm.  The move is expected to end by 6 am the following morning. Please note, your files will be “read-only” during the move. 

The current file storage hardware is old and needs to be replaced. The move will occur in the evening to minimize any disruption to you.

What do I need to do?

  • If you have a Windows computer: Reboot your computer the following morning to make sure the change is updated. If you’re unable to access a file (we don’t expect this to happen, but just in case) please contact the Service Desk. (Note: if you’re working off-campus, the change may/may not occur, depending on how long you are connected to the VPN.)
  • If you have a Mac computer: You will need to manually add the new S & J file location the first time you want to access them by going to smb://filer.uncc.edu/dept which gets you to the S drive. You will then choose your department name to get to J. Please follow this FAQ that shows exactly what to do. 

Note: If you have manually mapped drives or created shortcuts to the S or J drives, they may need to be re-created after the move. This FAQ shows how. 

Will I lose permissions to the shared files?
No. Permissions are moved with the files.

Are the H, S & J drives going away?
Many people have asked this. The answer is no, or at least not yet. If a decision is made to change anything, campus will be notified well in advance.

If you have issues after the move, please contact the IT Service Desk at x. 7-5500 or visit the Walk-Up IT Service Desk on Atkins Library’s main floor.