Faculty, Staff Discover Different Ways to Use WebEx

March 7, 2017

A few months ago, Jennifer Eklund Carlson needed to coordinate four EPIC Director candidate interviews. Her challenge: several advisory board members were unable to attend the actual presentations. As executive assistant to the dean of the College of Engineering, Carlson needed a way to help them.

She learned about WebEx, ITS’ new video conferencing software, and decided to give it a try. And she’s glad she did.

WebEx “gave everyone the opportunity to see the candidates and their presentations,” said Carlson. “We had a few hiccups in the beginning, but Brandon [in ITS] helped me work through them and everything went smoothly. I have many upcoming advisory board meetings and this will be a very useful tool.”

WebEx customers–and their reasons for using it–continue to grow

Since WebEx’s launch in August, over 700 UNC Charlotte faculty and staff are using it in all types of ways: interviews, planning meetings, keynote events...the possibilities continue.

WebEx is also packed full of helpful meeting features such as audio and video recording, chat, and screen sharing. No desktop? No problem. It’s mobile-friendly, too. Clearly, WebEx is solving many logistical problems for organizing small–or large–groups of people.

Solution for a large group meeting

Coren E. O’Hara, associate director for the Center for Graduate Life, was happy to learn about WebEx. Due to limited space, she needed a better way to provide a video feed for several hundred new students during their Fall Graduate Student Orientation. Using WebEx meant no running wires between rooms and saving money by eliminating the need for a videographer. “We were able to concentrate on the student-focused programming of Orientation...it definitely improved the experience for the graduate students,” said O’Hara. “We will definitely use WebEx again this coming Fall!”

WebEx in Canvas

Faculty also use WebEx's Training Center for teaching in Canvas. Its "integrat[ion] within Canvas helps me to schedule and holds class sessions for the students and also makes it easy for the students to connect to WebEx from within the Canvas Course Shell," shares Florence Martin, Ph.D., associate professor and program director for instructional systems technology with the College of Education.

Martin also appreciates WebEx’s “Meeting Room” which provides her own personal virtual office. “I can meet with students for office hours, for advising and also with research collaborators in different locations using this meeting room that is specifically created for me,” says Martin.

Want to learn more about WebEx?

Get started by learning about WebEx’s four meeting options, found in this WebEx FAQ. (Personal Rooms and Meeting Center are the most widely used.) An entire section of WebEx FAQs is also found here.

To learn how to use WebEx Training Center in Canvas, visit this page for lots of resources.

Request Training: If you’d like to request training, just contact the IT Service Desk at x.7-5500, they can help coordinate individual or group trainings.

Ready to sign up?

First, login to webex.uncc.edu to activate your account. Please do this whether you plan to use it via webex.uncc.edu or canvas.uncc.edu. Just enter your NinerNET username and password.

(Over 2,400 students have used WebEx, too! See this FAQ for details.)