Changes & Upgrades During Spring Break

February 22, 2017

During Spring Break, some ITS service and system changes will occur that may affect you. Please take a moment to read to ensure you know what’s going on:


  • Spring Break Hours. Hours between March 4 - March 12 can be found here.

  • The Walk-Up Service Desk location will temporarily move. Atkins 140C is getting a  facelift! Its' temporary location will be in the Library’s LibLab on Atkins’ main floor, behind the popular reading area, March 4 - 17.


  • Banner Outage - There will be a planned Banner outage on Saturday, March 4, from 8am - 2pm for maintenance.

  • S & J Drives (shared files) Redirect - On Monday, March 6 at 10pm, the S & J file paths will be redirected to a new file path ( This is in preparation to move the drives and files to new hardware on March 20, similar to what was done with the H Drive in December. There is no expected downtime; however, please reboot your machine the next morning.  

  • New antivirus software for all University Windows computers - On Wednesday, March 8 at 5 pm, TrendMicro antivirus software will be replaced with Windows Defender since Windows Defender is part of our Microsoft campus agreement. No downtime is expected.

You won’t need to do anything; Defender will get pushed to all Windows computers by ITS. You might see a pop-up message in the lower-right of your screen saying that you no longer have antivirus software. Once Defender fully loads onto your computer, the message will go away.

If you are working off-campus, the change will occur when you connect through the VPN or when you return to campus and connect to the campus network.



Banner 9 - The Finance, Human Resources and Accounts Receivable modules in Banner INB will start using Banner 9 on Monday March 13th. Departments using these modules are receiving specialized training by subject matter experts; basic navigation training is also available.

In case you didn’t know, Banner upgrades are collaborative efforts overseen by the Banner Functional Management team (BFMT). This committee is chaired by Elizabeth Mullis, Registrar’s Office, and includes members from Admissions, Advancement, Distance Education, Enrollment Management, Financial Services, Graduate School, Human Resources, the Registrar’s Office, Research and Economic Development and Student Financial Services.


DateService/System Change
March 4 - 12IT Service Desk Spring Break Hours
March 4 (8 am - 2 pm)Banner outage
March 6 - 17IT Walk-Up Desk temporary location
March 6 (10 pm)S & J Drive redirect
March 8 (5 pm)Defender antivirus on Windows computers
March 13Banner 9: Finance, HR and AR modules will be upgraded

 As always, if you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 7-5500 or visit the Walk-Up Service Desk in Atkins Library. Thank you!