Systems and Software Update - All Faculty/Staff

August 28, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

As follow up to Mike Carlin’s recent email, please see more system and software updates as you transition into the new academic year. Also, try our new FAQ site for help! You can subscribe to a FAQ, or an entire space, to receive a notification if anything changes. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our IT Service Desk at 704-687-5500 or

Table of Contents:
Google Security
NinerNet Password Resets
49er Express Will Become
Windows Updates


PST files - If you have PST files stored on the network (i.e. the H drive) and you want them migrated to Google, please follow the instructions in this FAQ. Not sure what a PST file is? Please click here.

Conversation view - Don't like having an email conversation between several people collapsed together? Want to see individual emails? Click this FAQ for quick instructions to change this setting.

Training classes and drop-in “open swims” will be held every day through September 11. Click here to see the schedule. Training videos and slides are available, too. Stay tuned as ITS starts offering training classes on other Google Apps for Education, such as Google Docs!

What’s a Google Core App vs. Consumer App? Google Core Apps include: Gmail, Gcal, Groups, Contacts, Hangouts, Sites and Drive, which are covered by a University agreement. Google Consumer Apps, another type of Google application, include YouTube, Blogger, and others, which are covered by an agreement between you and Google. These Apps have been developed by Google, but don’t have the same protections as the Google Core Apps.

Because these Consumer Apps are not subject to the same agreements we have in place for the Core Apps, such as privacy and security considerations, non-public University information should NEVER be stored in any Google Consumer App. It is also a good idea to check your privacy and security settings for these applications.

​Emails Opening in Outlook instead of Gmail? If you click an email address on a web page and it opens in Outlook instead of Gmail, you can change your browser settings so all emails will open in Gmail. Using a Firefox or Chrome browser, just follow these quick instructions in this FAQ.


To ensure privacy and security using Google Apps for Education, you can always review your account preferences. This FAQ shows you how.

Always log out of Gmail, especially when using a shared computer. You don't want other people reading your email! Closing the browser window does not log you out of Google. Click on the drop down arrow next to your account name (located in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail screen) and click Sign Out. If you don't log out, the next user could access your account.  

If your browser prompts you to save your password, the best practice is to say no.  It’s fairly easy for others to figure out your username so it is important to make sure your browsers are not saving your password.


Password resets are the main reason people contact the IT Service Desk at the start of the semester. If you forget your password, you can have a verification code sent to your cell phone or an email delivered to an alternate email address. Click this FAQ for detailed instructions.


The login page has a helpful chart showing which Moodle address will get you to which class information.


When 49er Express upgrades to this fall, a few features will retire since the vendor no longer provides them. Alternatives are provided for these instances:

  • 49er Express Calendar - ITS suggests using a shared Google Calendar. Options include:

    • Your individual calendar. Please see this FAQ.

    • A room resource calendar. Please see this FAQ. 

  • Email Your Class - You have three alternatives. They are:

    • In Moodle, go to Quickmail. This feature lets faculty select whom they mail--all, some, groups, etc. Click this FAQ for instructions.

    • In Moodle, go to News Forum. This feature lets faculty send announcement blasts to everyone (people are enrolled for announcements by default). Click this FAQ for instructions.

    • In Banner Self Service, go to Faculty & Advisors Tab. You will need to change the setting in your Gmail account so the email opens in Gmail (not Outlook). Follow this FAQ for full instructions. Note: this must be done in either Firefox or Chrome.

  • Targeted Announcements - ITS suggested alternative is Google Groups. Please see this FAQ for more information. You may also want to contact your respective administrator to discuss.


Software patches are released to faculty and staff workstations, typically the 4th Tuesday of every month. At this time, you’ll be prompted to install the updates; after 48 hours, the updates will install automatically.


Skillport is a web-based training tool available to all faculty and staff - for free. The service has been recently upgraded, offering a clean, more user friendly interface. Its wide variety of topics include management, communications, safety and more - log in today!