Information Security & Compliance

A successful information security program relies on the shared responsibilities of many individuals within the organization to safeguard University information resources. The following entities support the information security program at UNC Charlotte.

Information Security Compliance Office

The ITS Information Security Compliance Office works to ensure that policies, guidelines, standards and procedures are in place to assure the protection of University information and information assets. This office additionally facilitates and monitors compliance to the information security policy.

Information Assurance Committee

The Information Assurance committee is responsible for the oversight of information security services, technologies, safeguards, policies and controls campus-wide.

Information Security Liaisons

Information Security Liaisons (ISLs) act as intermediaries between their respective unit and ITS and assist with implementing information security policy, standards and guidelines.

Data Security Officers

In addition to Information Security Liaisons, each college designates one person to serve as the Data Security Officer (DSO) for that college. The DSO assists faculty and staff with Data Security Plans and is responsible for ensuring that each Data Security Plan complies with all university policies and procedures. The DSO in a college may assume the role of Information Security Liaison.