Personal Web Pages

Personal webpages provide the ability for Faculty, Staff and Students to publish webpages. This service supports HTML, JavaScript and CSS only. No dynamic server-side scripting, such as ASP, CGI, JSP, or PHP is supported. There is a maximum total file size of 2GB.

Once an account has been requested and provisioned, files must be uploaded to the server with a Secure FTP program, such as FileZilla.  To download FileZilla, please go to ITS Software Download page, login, and go to folder for your operating system to find the FileZilla folder.

Once you click on the link for your operating system, your download will start automatically.  

Please note, some colleges, including the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Belk College of Business and the College of Engineering, provide personal web publishing services for their faculty and staff.  For more information, see: UNC Charlotte Pages (

For additional information, see the FAQs.