NinerMail is your student email service, based on Microsoft's Office 365, offering 10GB of email storage. Your University email account is an official electronic communications method used by the University.

Get NinerMail two ways:
  1. Login to 49er Express with your NinerNET account and click the Email icon.
  2. Go to NinerMail and login with your NinerNET username and password.
    Your email address =
Personal Devices
Get NinerMail in an email program like Outlook or on your mobile device.
You must login to NinerMail through 49er Express or Outlook Web App before you can reconfigure your email client on your personal device.
  1. Set up your NinerMail account in an email client:
  2. Configure your mobile device to receive NinerMail. Learn more from Microsoft about using NinerMail on your mobile device.
  3. ActiveSync enabled devices (Windows Phone, iOS devices) can access email, contacts and calendar, too.
Account Retention
Your NinerMail account remains in effect for as long as you are enrolled in classes. If you do not register for classes during two consecutive terms (not counting summer), the NinerNET account is removed and access to 49er Express, email, and the University network is removed.