PW Manager

Service Description: 
Passwords are the front line of protection for user accounts and information. Therefore, the university requires a strong password and enforces password expiration rules for all faculty, staff, and students. Password rules include the following: minimum length of 8 characters, maximum length of 16 characters, must include at least one lower case and one upper case alphabetic character, must include at least one numeric character and one special character from this set: ! * + - / _. Passwords will automatically expire every 90 days for faculty and staff and every 180 days for students. Clients are notified by email when their password is nearing expiration.
Mission Critical: 
Funding for this service is managed by ITS.
This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of upgrades, maintenance, and scheduled outages. Outages are posted in ITS System Status.
Getting Help: 
For technical assistance, please click the link below.
Accounts & Identity Management
Service for: 
Faculty, Staff, Student