A full summary of faculty services is listed below.

  Accounts and Access

  • Faculty Onboarding Process is coordinated by Academic Affairs. NinerNET accounts are created once this process is complete. Onboarding Process for New Faculty.
  • Banner is the main system used at UNC Charlotte for student and employee information, human resources, financial aid, financial services and course data. Most faculty will use Banner Self Service for personal information, to enter grades and for student advising. Some faculty may use the Banner administrative interface called Internet Native (INB) Banner. To request INB access, see the appropriate FAQ: FinanceStudentFinancial Aid
  • My UNC Charlotte is a gateway to University information including academic and financial resources, student life, campus services and Banner Self Service.
  • NinerNET is your login and password combination to securely access different University systems. NinerNET FAQ site.
  • Password Manager is where you change and reset your NinerNET password. 


  • The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports faculty using a variety of instructional technology and champions the advancement of scholarly teaching. CTL Services & ProgramsCTL's Academic Technologies.
  • University Research Computing (URC) provides high performance computing in support of faculty research. URC Website.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Software is available for university and personal computers. Adobe Creative Cloud FAQs.
  • Clickers are used for classroom attendance, quizzes and tests by some instructors. Clicker FAQs.
  • Computer Labs (Windows and Macs) with specialized software are available around campus. Additional software requests should be directed to college IT. Lab FAQs.
  • Google Apps for Education provides popular online apps such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides to get work done. Google FAQs. Google App Request Form.
  • Optical Scanning is used by some faculty for bubble sheet scoring/Scantron testing. Opscan FAQs.
  • WebEx is the University's online meeting tool integrated with Canvas. WebEX FAQs.


  • Your department will provide you with a Dell or Apple computer. Computers are typically replaced every four years. Computer Purchases FAQs.
  • For general hardware and software questions, start with your college or departmental IT staff. 
  • Anti-Virus software is installed on all University computers. Windows Defender is on Window machines and Sophos is on Macs. Anti-Virus FAQs.
  • Personal Dell, HP and Apple computers can be purchased at an educational discount. Computer Purchases FAQs.

  Email & Calendar

  • Gmail is provided for all official University email communication. Gmail FAQs.
  • Google Calendar is provided for scheduling meetings, appointments, etc. Google Calendar FAQs.
  • Google Groups are used to send emails to a specific group of people. Google Groups FAQs.

  File Storage

  • Dropbox is available for free, unlimited file storage. Faculty and staff can request access for student employees. Dropbox FAQs.
  • Google Drive offers unlimited storage anywhere, anytime. Google Drive FAQs.
  • University File Storage/Network Drives: In addition to Dropbox and Google Drive, local network file storage is also available. The H Drive is for your individual files and the J and S drives are for shared departmental files. Network Drive FAQs.

  Forms and Surveys

  • Google Forms is available through Google Apps for Education. 
  • SurveyShare is a web-based tool designed for survey research and evaluations. SurveyShare FAQs.
  • Web Form Builder is available create forms, simple surveys, polls etc. Data stored in the system is secured and approved to handle up to level 2 data. Web Form Info.



  • Cisco IP phones provide basic business features such as call hold, call transfer, call release, mute, conference, Meet Me conference and call pick-up. Phone Service FAQs.
  • Meet Me conference service provides a conference line for up to eight people. See Meet Me FAQs in Phone FAQs.
  • Unified Messaging provides integration between voicemail and email.
  • Voicemail is available for the Cisco phones.


  • Network Printing is supported; wireless printing is not. Departments are responsible for purchasing printers. See FAQs.

  Professional Services

  • Gartner is an information technology research and advisory company providing technology-related insight. Gartner login.

  Remote Access

  • Citrix provides remote access to specialized software. Citrix FAQs.
  • The VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects to the UNC Charlotte network from off-campus. VPN FAQs.



  • Duo Two Factor Authentication is available and provides an enhanced level of security. Duo FAQs.
  • SPAM and Phishing Email Filtering - if you receive an email that is suspicious, forward the email to: ReportSpam-group@uncc.edu and include the full header.
  • Security Incidents: If you suspect a security incident (lost laptop, lost flash drive, account compromise), send an email to: SecurityIncident-group@uncc.edu. 


  • A variety of software is available for University computers. Other software can be used for personal computers. Software FAQs. Software.
  • Microsoft Office is available to faculty for personal computers, free of charge. Access and Installation FAQ
  • Software applications are distributed using Microsoft Software Center (Windows) and Casper Self Service (Macs).
  • Anti-Virus software is installed on all University computers. Windows Defender is on Window machines and Sophos is on Macs. Anti-Virus FAQs.


  • Security Awareness Training is available and designed to raise awareness about information security, good information security practices, and related university IT policies. Security Training FAQs.
  • Skillport offers online training for more than 2,600 web-based courses on a variety of topics including software, management and leadership. Skillport FAQs.
  • Additional Software Training is offered by ITS including "Dropbox Sharing & Organization," "Google Sheets vs. Excel" and "Intro to WebEx." ITS Training Calendar.


  • Amazon Web Services is available. Amazon Web Services FAQs.
  • ITS provides personal web space; however, some colleges, including the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Belk College of Business and the College of Engineering provide personal web publishing services for their faculty and staff. Personal Web page FAQs


  • For Campus Wi-Fi select "eduroam" on your laptop or mobile device. Wi-Fi FAQs.