Use DUO for added security. Easy + reliable.


October 19, 2016

Duo two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of data security for University faculty and staff. It works like this: once a person has entered their NinerNET username and password, they're asked to further verify their identity with one more step. The customer chooses which step they want, such as accepting a request sent to their mobile phone.

Greg Verret, assistant controller of compliance in the Department of Financial Services, uses Duo with his University accounts. He’s been using it with his personal email account and appreciates its simplicity. “Since I almost always have my phone with me at work, I’ve found that the Duo system is fairly convenient to use,” said Verret. 

Want to Request Duo? Just complete a brief request form. For more information, see Duo FAQs, contact the IT Service Desk at x. 7-5500 or visit the Walk-Up IT Service Desk in Atkins Library, 140C.