Coming Soon: Unified IT Service Catalog


January 30, 2017

The good news: hundreds of IT Services are available to you. The not-so-good news: finding who offers what can be overwhelming. “Who do I contact to get my computer repaired?” “Where can I find a large-format printer?” “I need a new network port–where do I begin?” Ugh.

UNC Charlotte college and departmental IT staffs are working hard with Central ITS (that’s us) to create a complete, unified IT Service Catalog that will make finding and requesting IT services easier for everyone. Only a few universities have tackled identifying ALL campus IT services for a unified catalog–and the results have been well-received.

“An IT service catalog is like a restaurant menu - each service is food that you can choose to order. Not everyone wants everything, but people want to easily see what’s available and pick from there,” says Beth Rugg, assistant vice chancellor for client engagement in ITS.

What won’t be included in this catalog? First, it’s for IT services only; there are many other non-IT services offered by campus colleges and departments that won’t be included. Additionally, only core services will be listed; “niche” or highly specialized services may not be included if they aren’t used by the majority of campus faculty, staff and/or students.

A unified service catalog was a major initiative identified in the 2014 IT Master Plan. The initial journey started last summer when campus IT leaders met to figure out first steps. A group of IT representatives from 16 colleges and departments was then formed to begin the initial data collection and to chose an experienced consultant, Beyond20, to help with this project.

Last week, the IT representatives meet with Beyond20 over several days to clarify the service offering and to create a draft service catalog outline. According to Beyond20’s visiting team, this was “one of the smoothest engagements” they’ve ever seen.

The unified IT Service Catalog is planned to launch this summer, 2017. More news to come but many thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s workshop and meetings!