IT Governance

IT Governance Strategy

IT Governance is designed to ensure the effective and efficient uses of IT through value creation, management of risks, and optimization of resources in enabling the University to achieve its goals and objectives.

Purpose and Scope

Direct IT endeavors in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Align ITS with the rest of the University to realize the promised benefits of IT;
  • Allow ITS to enable the University by exploiting IT opportunities and maximizing IT benefits;
  • Use IT resources responsibly; and
  • Manage IT-related risks appropriately.

Process Steps & Templates

The first step is to review the proposal with the appropriate divisional representative.  Divisional representatives serve as members of the IT Rationalization Committee (ITRC).  After receiving approval from the divisional representative, complete and submit the idea rationalization form.  All ideas classified as transformative are reviewed by the ITRC.  If the idea is approved by the ITRC, a business case and a business requirements document will need to be completed.  Once the business case, detailed scope, requirements, architectural design and resources needs are understood, the ITRC will review the proposal a second time.  Below are links to the idea rationalization template and email address for submission.

Summary of Idea Form Process

  • Step 1: Receive review/approval from ITRC divisional representative before submission
  • Step 2: Complete and submit Idea Form
  • Step 3: For Transform ideas, ITRC reviews request
  • Step 4: For approved projects, develop detailed scope, costs, architectural design and required campus resources
  • Step 5: ITRC decides whether to proceed or reject
  • Step 6: Approved projects are assigned to a project manager

Click here for a PDF of the ITRC Process

Idea Form