IT Governance

IT Governance Strategy

IT Governance is designed to ensure the effective and efficient uses of IT through value creation, management of risks, and optimization of resources in enabling the University to achieve its goals and objectives.

Purpose and Scope

Direct IT endeavors in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Aligning ITS with the rest of the University to realize the promised benefits of IT;
  • Allowing ITS to enable the University by exploiting IT opportunities and maximizing IT benefits;
  • Using IT resources responsibly; and
  • Managing IT-related risks appropriately.

Process Steps & Templates

The first step is to complete an idea rationalization form to be reviewed by the Unit Rationalization committee.  If the idea is approved, you will need to complete a business case, and later a business requirements document.  Below are links to the idea rationalization template and email address where the completed form should be sent.

IT Governance Forums

Committees provide processes for inputs and outputs with defined roles and responsibilities for stakeholders including senior administration, campus leaders, faculty, staff, students, and ITS.  To learn more about the IT Governance Forums, click here.