Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging for Unity voicemail is an add-on service available to all Cisco IP phone clients. It can be added to your voicemail service for a $3.00 monthly service charge per extension.

Unified Messaging provides:

  • Full integration between your voicemail and email inbox
  • Ability to listen to new email messages and calendar events from your phone

With Unified Messaging, when you receive a voicemail message, you will also receive an email with a .wav file attachment of the message that you can play from Outlook or your OWA client. As messages are read and deleted, the status in both systems is updated. You can also call your voicemail to hear a list of meetings for the day or to have new emails read to you.

To add Unified Messaging to your voicemail service, call the IT Service Desk at 7-5500 and provide the extension number and the billing account code.