Quarantined Email

Proofpoint Protection Service

The University has implemented Proofpoint Protection Service to filter inappropriate and undesirable email messages. Proofpoint inspects incoming and outgoing email and filters for spam, viruses, and objectionable content. 

Since spam checking is not an exact science the system applies a series of tests and assigns each message a score based on the results of those tests. The minimum score is 0 (definitely not spam) and the maximum is 100 (definitely spam). 

Messages that contain viruses, spam, or inappropriate content are sent to a quarantine area. This system may occasionally prevent valid email messages from reaching the addressee; therefore, the following instructions are provided on how to review and release quarantined messages.

End User Digest

When email messages addressed to you are placed in quarantine, you will receive an email notification in your Inbox with the subject title, End User Digest. Clicking the options in this email will allow you to manage your quarantined messages. Messages placed in quarantine will be deleted after 14 days if you take no action.

The following actions are available from the End User Digest email message:

  • View allows you to see the message in the Proofpoint Web Application
  • Release delivers quarantined email to your Inbox
  • Safelist adds sender to your Safe Senders list
  • Not Spam delivers message to your Inbox and reports the message to Proofpoint
  • Request New End User Digest sends a new End User Digest email to you with all quarantined messages, including new spam messages since the last digest was received
  • Request Safe/Blocked Senders List sends an email to you with a listing of your safe and blocked senders
  • Manage My Account logs you into the Proofpoint Web Application where you can manage your quarantined email and add/remove email addresses from Safe or Blocked senders list

The Safe Senders list is your list of approved senders of email. Safe Senders added to your list will still be inspected for a virus or inappropriate content. The Blocked Senders list contains addresses of people or mailing lists from whom you do not wish to receive any email.

When you add a domain name (ex: yahoo.com) to the Safe Senders list, all email addresses from that domain will be considered "safe." To add specific senders, enter their full email address (ex: john.doe@yahoo.com)

Email addresses white listed with the previous End User Quarantine (EUQ) system will not be valid with Proofpoint.  Until you add these senders to your Safe Senders List in Proofpoint, you may experience blocked messages from senders that were previously delivered. Note: stopspam@uncc.edu is no longer an available method to report spam to ITS Security.

Proofpoint Web Application

You can perform the same actions in the Proofpoint Web Application that you can from the End User Digest email. If you no longer have an End User Digest email, login directly to the Proofpoint Web Application with your University email address and your NinerNET password.

The web application will default to the Quarantine page view that lists all your quarantined messages. In the bottom left corner, you can also choose the Lists or Profile page.

From the Quarantine page you can manage your quarantined messages:

  • Select the box next to a quarantined message, then from the top toolbar you can click Not Spam, ReleaseDelete or Safe List.
  • Click Find to search for quarantined messages by sender, subject or date
  • Click Lists to choose Select All or Unselect All messages, Request Digest to have an updated End User Digest email sent to you or choose Refresh to refresh your quarantine list

From the Lists page you can manage your Safe or Blocked Senders list:

  • Lists > Safe Senders List
    List the addresses of senders whose messages you want to protect against being quarantined or deleted. For example, if you're on a mailing list that has a tendency to get high spam scores, entering the sending address here will ensure that the message always gets through. You can enter a specific address (ex: sender@goodisp.com) to allow only a specific sender, or you can enter the domain by itself (ex: goodisp.com) to allow all messages from that source.

  • Lists > Blocked Senders List
    List the addresses or domains of senders whose messages you never want to see. Note that blocking senders is often ineffective against spam because spammers constantly alter their sending addresses in order to defeat filters like this. This tool is useful for blocking messages from senders who use a particular, constant address.

From the Profile page you can manage your Proofpoint profile, including your End User Digest email settings and language preference.

  • Settings > Send digest with new messages in my End User Digest
    If this box is checked you will receive daily End User Digest announcements. If you don't want to receive these announcements, uncheck the box, but remember that by turning off notification you have no ability to check for "false positives" -- quarantined messages that turn out to be valid.
  • Settings > Send digest even when I have no messages in my End User Digest
    If you check this box you'll receive a daily announcement even if there is nothing to report. To skip empty reports, uncheck the box.
  • Settings > Preferred Language
    Choose your preferred language for your digest messages.
  • Account
    Selecting this option displays the name of your account and any aliases that may apply. There are no settings on this screen that you can change.