Amazon Web Services

ITS is piloting Amazon Web Services for classroom use with the College of Computing and Informatics and College of Engineering. AWS leverages Amazon's servers to meet educational needs, as well as provides virtual workstations and streaming applications.

Banner Upgrade

ITS is working with department stakeholders to upgrade Banner to its latest version, Banner 9. It offers a new look and feel, with easier navigation no matter what type of device you use (mobile phone, tablet, desktop.) Banner INB administrative modules upgrades begin this spring; self-service feature upgrades will begin as they become available. This is a major project that will take one to two years to fully implement.

Canvas is University's New Learning Management System

Canvas was unanimously selected as the University's new LMS last year. The transition from Moodle has been going smoothly, thanks to CTL workshops and documentation, as well as Canvas' 24/7 support. Furthermore, the all-too-frequent Moodle service interruptions have been replaced by the steady hum of Canvas' reliable educational technology. Moodle will fully retire in May. 

Clicker Evaluation and Selection

A Clicker Evaluation Committee, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning, is reviewing vendor options for University clickers. They've met with all potential vendors and a final decision is expected by January 31, 2017. See the committee’s page for more details.

(photo from Ohio University's Center for Academic Technology)


DegreeWorks is a multi-year, Academic Affairs initiative to improve degree progression transparency. Graduate students successfully started using DegreeWorks in May 2016; undergraduates will start using it in Fall 2017. See the Graduate School's DegreeWorks website for more information.

Electronic Workflows & Perceptive Content

Many departments have already taken advantage of Perceptive Content's electronic document imaging service. The result? Improved business process efficiencies, reduced paper use and increased file cabinet space! Have an idea for another electronic workflow? Submit an IDEA form!

  • Banner Access Request/Approval
  • Budget Office General Fund
  • Ecom Access Request eForm
  • Ecom Data Standard Acknowledgement eForm
  • Fixed Asset eForms
  • Imaging Document Retention
  • Independent Contractor Checklist eForm
  • Mileage/Parking Reimbursement eForm
  • Online Grade Change Enhancement
  • PCard Application Form
  • Vendor Information eForm

Enhanced Wi-Fi for Halton Arena and Outdoors

Enhanced Wi-Fi around one of our major event areas, Halton Arena, and other outdoor spaces is on its way! Funding was recently secured to provide this upgrade with installations beginning this spring. Wi-Fi has been, at best, sporadic during Halton Arena's basketball games, concerts and commencements. This is because wireless signals simply "bled" into the area from existing ones; clearly not a sufficient amount of strength for 9,000 spectators. This will soon change; upcoming graduates can hopefully expect to live-stream their big event with friends and family in May!

Laptop Encryption

Starting this spring, ITS will encrypt all new Windows and Apple laptop hard drives by default and provide encryption on request for existing laptops. This will help protect your data if your device is lost or stolen. Initial testing shows no impact to performance or speed. Local IT Partners will have access to the encryption keys for support.

Unified Service Catalog

The IT Master Plan identified the need for a University-wide Unified Service Catalog. This catalog will be a resource to faculty, staff and students needing to know how to request an IT service. It's unique because it will represent all services provided by all IT units across the University, not just central ITS. A committee was formed at the beginning of the fall 2016 semester to start the development process and recently engaged Beyond20 for consulting help. Data collection will take place this spring with the goal of a new, Unified Service Catalog by summer, 2017.