Amazon Workspaces

Cloud-based desktop virtualization is a way to access your desktop anywhere, anytime, on any device. Leveraging Amazon technology, ITS has built a virtual desktop (workspace) environment at Amazon and will be conducting pilots with CHHS and COED in the fall.


Banner Upgrade

ITS has been working with different department stakeholders rolling out Banner’s latest version, Banner 9. It offers a new look and feel, with easier navigation no matter what type of device is used. It’s being released, one module at a time, and will take one to two years to fully implement.

DegreeWorks for Undergraduates

DegreeWorks is a web-based academic planning tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. Launched in 2016 for graduate students, it’s now available for undergraduate students, too. System training with department advisors and faculty are currently being coordinated with a completed roll-out in happening when students register in November. Helpful FAQs can be found here.

Digital Asset Management System

A centralized digital asset management system is being developed to store all University images created across colleges, departments and offices in one place. Business Analysts and the project team are currently gathering requirements.

Disability Services ClockWork Software

To more efficiently serve the needs of University students with disabilities, a comprehensive scheduling/data tracking software solution, ClockWork, was implemented in August 2017.

eLearning Compliance

A cloud-based eLearning compliance system will be implemented to further improve Distance Education’s effectiveness with state institutional laws and regulations. Currently, plans are being evaluated for decision making.

Electronic Workflows & Perceptive Content

The Imaging team just released the new Sponsored Guest form; they’re currently working on the Employee Separation Checklist for Human Resources and the Budget General Fund Revision for Finance. The Imaging system will be upgraded in mid-August, allowing for approvals to be made from any type of browser!

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor campus coverage continues to expand. With an expected 150 percent increase, this map shows where people can expect improvements as we enter Fall semester. Halton Arena’s upgrade is also still underway, with a scheduled completion this Fall. The 9,000+ seat venue will soon offer fast, secure wireless for everyone enjoying athletic events, concerts, festivals and more!


Undergraduate Degree Management Integrated with Acalog

A direct, automatic link to Acalog has been created to streamline previous efforts in maintaining undergraduate degree program requirements and course information on  departmental University websites. Now, updates made via the link automatically feed into the websites, saving time and improving accuracy. COAA, ENGR, CLAS, COEDU, COB, and CHHS have completed their department website integration with Acalog. CCI dept website updates are in progress and will be rolled out with the CCI website redesign project.

Ungerboeck Conference Management

Ungerboeck, an event management software program, will be implemented in phases for Conference, Reservations, and Event Services (CRES). Currently, CRES is reviewing the proof-of-concept design.