Easy, "Quick Submit" Project Idea Form Available through April 17!

Want to submit an IT project idea? The current idea form has been shortened into a new Idea Quick Submit form. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have funding, scope, timing, etc. figured out; this easy form reduces the burden of gathering lots of information upfront because it focuses squarely on the most important part: your idea.

One you’ve sent the Idea Quick Submit form:

  1. You’ll be contacted by an ITS representative in 4-5 business days to gather further information.

  2. The Project Rationalization Committee (made up of University’s Division representatives) will review your project idea. They decide which can move forward, which may need further work and which cannot be addressed at this time.


ITS has a Project Management department that focuses on the lifecycle of the University's many IT-related projects. A project's "life" begins once a project idea is submitted. The IT Rationalization Committee, a group comprised of different representatives from each division of the University, determines if the idea aligns with the University's mission and if appropriate resources are available. If so, the project will then go to an ITS Project Manager to begin.

See the current IT Project List.