ITS works to maintain operations and support and encourage innovative thinking. New IDEAs lead to innovation.

Need to Request An IT Project?

It’s never too soon to submit an IDEA! Projects can require significant human and technical resources which means pre-planning is key. If you are thinking about a new initiative that might involve ITS, it's probably a project and an IDEA form should be submitted as soon as possible.

What Kind of Projects are Done by ITS?

The University uses an IDEA form process to ensure technology projects align with the University’s strategic mission and values. Projects can be categorized as either RUN or TRANSFORM.

  • A RUN Project: A change or initiative related to existing software or hardware (e.g. a software upgrade, implementing electronic workflows, etc.)
  • A TRANSFORM Project: A change or initiative that introduces new software to the campus community or significantly changes exisiting processes associated with an existing software system.

Getting Started: Prepare Your Idea Form

To initiate an IT project request, first review and discuss the IDEA form with your IT Rationalization Committee divisional representative. Idea forms cannot be submitted without your ITRC rep’s review and approval. Their approval ensures support for your idea!

The IDEA form:

  • Gives ITS a basic overview of what you want to do and why.
  • Should be submitted PRIOR to any extensive research/work being done. It is never too early to submit it!

Submit Your IDEA!

Complete and submit the IDEA form*. 

*Be sure to discuss this with your ITRC representative before submission

What's Next

  1. Intake by ITS
    • Your IDEA form will be reviewed by ITS. You will typically be contacted by the ITS Project Management office within 2-3 business days of the submission.
  2. Committee Review
    • RUN - Projects are reviewed within ITS
    • TRANSFORM - Projects are submitted to the IT Rationalization Committee (ITRC).
  3. Feedback to Customer
    • The ITS Project Management Office will get back to you with a status and the next steps. It will be either (a) scheduled, (b) denied or (c) placed on hold for resources to free up or (d) require further analysis to develop functional/technical specifications and 5 year cost projections.
    • RUN - You can expect feed back within 8 business days. The ITS Run team meets weekly
    • TRANSFORM - You can expect feed back in 30 days or less. The ITRC meets monthly
  4. Detailed IDEA Process